Digital Signage for
Government Facilities

Use digital signage for emergencies, public safety updates, essential services,
and information announcement.

Promote new policies and campaigns

Using digital signage for government in public spaces, buildings or offices is a very efficient way to convey a public message. It’s important that citizens are aware of the changes that might affect their daily lives on a real-time basis.

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Wayfinding assistance and directories

Large government facilities such as courthouses, hospitals, city halls, tax offices, etc. are full of citizens seeking for the right person to guide them to the right room. In that sense, usage of digital signage for both local and central authorities creates great value in visitor management.

Display room schedules for public offices

Time tables of the court halls, doctors’ rooms, or occupation statuses of public offices are crucial information in today’s busy world. Digital signage for government facilities can display this information so that citizens know how long they need to wait for the service, thus optimizing a great deal of time spent.

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Central management, local content

While devising a central content strategy for digital signage for government facilities, a local touch is always essential when it comes to communities. OmmaSign‘s flexible management structure gives local and federal governments a great deal of control over the content. It also enables its users to create locally relevant content stories such as local traffic, weather, or neighborly events.

Realtime announcement for everyone

Emergency announcements such as road closures, health situations, or upcoming important dates such as property tax payments need to be conveyed to the public in the most effective way. These all can be done with digital signage for government facilities and data source integrations. The data can be displayed on screens in real-time and done automatically according to the scheduled content. OmmaSign is here for that.

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