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Our sole focus is to be the ultimate digital signage software solution.
Curious about what’s included? Read on below.

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Sync as many screens as you need without any additional hardware.

Link separate screens together, make them listen to each other, talk with one another and get the simultaneous interaction going! All with just a few clicks.

Integrations &

Integrate any 3rd party system into OmmaSign with just a few clicks.

Based on your unique needs, we help you turn your ideas into integrated solutions. Industry specific applications, custom add-ons and any 3rd party system can be integrated to OmmaSign.

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All the security you and your organizations needs.

Automatic backups, disaster recovery, DDos protection, end-to-end encryption, tokenized M2M connection…


An easy-to-use interface to upload, manage, and publish any content. Create custom playlists from different media types and play them in any display in your network.


All the features you need in order to publish & engage. Place your displays anywhere you want, create channels, link your displays, choose content & publish in realtime!

Scene Designer​

Take over the control of your own content once and for all.

An easy and clever design editing tool for everyone from OmmaSign. Drag & drop items from your own media library, place them on your content, add animations and effects, and it’s all done! No re-rendering, no agencies, no additional costs.

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Device Management

Device Management

Very detailed & user oriented device management for all.

Remote & centralized display control, custom-sized LED support, instant device monitoring, CPU usage, disk & memory statuses and many more…

Cloud Based Library

Cloud-based SaaS

Cloud is the future and we were born in that era.

Having separated servers on the cloud is not a cloud approach. We run fully on cloud that doesn’t need any maintenance. We handle it all for you.

Smart Playlist

Smart Playlist

Manage & publish different media files in your library.

Different media items can be added to a single playlist and complex scheduling scenarios can be previewed and published easily.

Want to learn more about OmmaSign add-ons?

We have created a detailed documentation for you to learn more.


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