Digital Signage for Hospitality

Level up the guest experience in your hotel with digital signage.

Mirror displays in elevators

Wherever you want to inform your customers, digital signage for hospitality is there to change the way you interact. Show relevant and informing content to your guests: Make it the mirrors in elevators, public restrooms, or bars. Special events, restaurant menus, daily activities, opening times of bars/pools/concierge and daily weather forecast, etc. You name it, we have it.

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Spectacular video walls

Digital signage for hospitality centers allow you to show charming advertising videos of your hotel. With OmmaSign, you also have the chance to integrate audio announcements and reach your audience for in an immersive audio visual experience. Merry, happy hours, celebrations, offers or anything else your hotel needs.

Dynamic content management

Need to update the time on content? Or the price? Maybe the event takes place in a different venue? No worries… With OmmaSign Smart Layers, you can update any information on any content in just seconds! No hassle.

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Scene Designer

OmmaSign powers hospitality with an easy-to-use design tool for digital displays: Scene Designer. Create scenes with rich content such as information on transportation prices to city centre/airport/museums, weather forecast, nearby activities, special oers, etc.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Integrate your meeting & conference schedules with digital displays. MS Outlook, Google Calendar or any other data source of your choice can be integrated into OmmaSign. Display daily and weekly schedule and make these screens interactive!

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Let's talk about digital signage for hospitality.

OmmaSign is a digital signage software that equip businesses with superpowers by using the next-generation technology.

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