Scene Designer

An easy and clever editing tool for everyone to take over the control of their own content once and for all.

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You already know how to use it.

Drag & drop items from your own media library, place them on your content, add animations and effects, and it’s all done! No re-rendering, no agencies, no additional costs.

Change Your Content Instantly!

Time-limited offers? Price changes? Announcements?

With OmmaSign Smart Layers, all is done in seconds without any agency or re-rendering costs.

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Features Scene Designer 3

Work magic with videos

Need an update on a video with a specific timing but don’t have time or budget for it?

Harmonize and synchronize separate screens seamslessly!

Multiple screens? OmmaSign is created for that.

You can use them all to act as one big video wall or just use them separately to show different content… but still in harmony.

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Do you want to know more?

Head to our support center and learn more about how you can create scenes for your restaurant  with just a few clicks.
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