KFC Signage System Case Study


KFC aimed to dynamically showcase price information over several segment branches and command all segments through a singular video output – a move towards holistic Dynamic Price and Content Management. Furthermore, they expressed a desire to manage signage content across diverse platform devices.




Our team joined forces with KFC, who generously shared with us their design images, videos, and detailed product pricing. With the aid of our innovative HTML overlay/Scene Designer feature, we defined price points for each segment that could subsequently be managed through an Excel/Spreadsheet. Our in-depth support included strategic positioning of visuals based on location and the prompt presentation of promotional products. Harnessing the power of Omma’s multiplatform support, we deployed numerous SoC displays and Player devices tailored to cater to KFC’s location-centric needs.


For Dynamic Price and Content Management: We are proud of the harmonious and effective relationship fostered with the KFC team. Our content management team, designated for this project, has consistently ensured the system’s smooth operation and continuity. The KFC team provided us with their creative content, explicit pricing information, and detailed campaign materials.


We implemented a unique approach by introducing a single, free-to-use video across our system. This innovation eliminated the necessity to create multiple videos for different segments – an often time-consuming and costly process. Moreover, it eradicated the need for video re-rendering whenever a price shift occurred. This forward-thinking strategy brought about a significant cut in operational costs, streamlining the process, and improving efficiency.


For Multiplatform Utilization: The integration of our versatile signage system made a significant impact. The client could efficiently use our system across several platform devices already available in their inventory, optimizing the usage of existing resources. This allowed for seamless content management, irrespective of the platform being used.


Moreover, when it came to acquiring new devices, we offered wide-ranging platform choices like WebOS, Samsung, Windows, and Philips. This freedom of selection ensured that the client could opt for the most suitable platform to meet their varying needs. This flexibility not only improved system adaptability but also ensured that future technology acquisitions and transitions could be executed smoothly.


In summary, our strategic and customer-focused interventions led to a more efficient dynamic price and content management and improved multiplatform utilization. The result was an efficient, adaptable, and cost-effective signage system, leading to enhanced operational performance for our client. The success of this case underscores our dedication to providing innovative and tailor-made solutions for our customers, further strengthening our commitment to their success.

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