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 Screen  Synchronization 

Now you can link separate screens together, make them listen to each other and talk with one another!

Simultaneous harmony
across all screens


Perfected to prevent visual noise in each and every corner of your store.
Starting and stopping as one, preventing visual noise, creating beautiful harmony.

Perfect combination:

OMMA and as many screens as you want


Normally, you would need complex and pricey players and processors to display videos on video walls and menu boards. No more. Now OMMA has your back with its meticulously crafted software.

Coca-Cola chose OMMA Sign
as a digital signage partner for their sponsored menu boards

OMMA Sign & Philips Professional Displays
joined forces in ISE 2020 to create a brand-new non-touch cafe solution.

Do you want to know more?

Head to our support center and learn more about how you can synchronize different screens with just a few clicks.

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