Add-ons for Digital Signage

Take a look at add-ons for digital signage by OmmaSign and start using with just a few clicks.

Add-ons for Digital Signage

OmmaSign provides its customers with an ever-growing add-ons store. Take a look at our add-ons here.

Conditional Override

Override playlist items and show the desired content whenever an event is triggered.

Digital Menu

Create a QR-code activated non-touch menu when you need physical distancing.


Enable drive-thru ordering for your restaurant for a safer interaction.

Meeting Rooms

Preview calendar events for meeting rooms in digital signage displays.

Micros PoS

Integrate your digital signage screen with Micros and PixelPoint PoS.

JSON Source

Use JSON file from URL as a data source on your screens.

QR Overlay

Place a QR-code on a playlist as an overlay to interact with customers.

Celcat Timetable

Display a timetable on your content integrated with CELCAT

Image Overlay

Place an image on your playlist as an overlay.


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