Content Management

Manage any content quickly and easily, whether it is static or dynamic, instant or programmatic. No worries for internet failures; the show always goes on with OMMA’s offline support.

Device Management

Organize your devices by labelling, and decide on which channel to display on them. You can manage their local caches and reboot player app remotely.


With OMMA’s technology and cloud based infrastructure, you can eliminate the server maintenance costs while you get the great benefits.

OMMA is built on native HTML5 architecture in order to create flexible, consistent, and platform independent contents in world wide standards. Generating complex contents is so easy with the power HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as well.

OMMA provides different content creation plugins for creating content with ease. In addition to general plugins such as Slideshow and Metro Plugins, you may also use Advance plugin in order to create fully dynamic content by HMTL5 coding standards.

Besides general plugins, Customers may have their own plugin to customize their content creation process in line with their demands.

Devices cache the content delivered by the server locally and display contents without any connectivity need to servers. Devices sync the content whenever they connect and keep the playing content until the new one fully downloaded at background.

All popular media formats such as JPEG, PNG, WebP, TIFF, MP4, AVI, 3GP, AAC, FLV and MPEG-2 are supported. Uploaded images are converted into PNG format, while videos are converted into MP4.

Try a format not mentioned above and if you run into problems, please let us know!

You can organize all your static content files such as videos, static images , fonts etc in folders and use them in content to be cached by device. Smart Caching detects reusability of the media items and does not download them over and over again. Smart Caching also manages local storages to avoid local disk issues by effective garbage collection.

You can upload your large media items , such as HD videos , very easily via leading storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

OMMA transcodes your videos and makes sure that every media fits every devices you have. This conversion guarantees codec and resolution of media items standards according to device capabilities.

Keep your each version of your content, and recover it when you need it. OMMA Panel creates new version while you edit, and runs different workflows for each.

You can create dynamic contents with dynamic data sources. OMMA provides datasource management to embed data into content and synchronize. You have different triggering options ;  “TTL” to sync them periodically and “Push API” for instant triggering.

OMMA Datasource supports XML, CSV, and JSON formats.

With HTM5 Standards, you can create touch contents and sync them with your touchable devices. Create unlimited view layers, zones to design kiosk contents. Linked them with data sources and keep your sign fully interactive and fresh.  The infrastructure also supports multi touch actions on supported platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS and WebOS 2.0/3.0

Downloading content mechanism is under control and proofs the content and all related items are initialized completely. Devices displays latest stable version of the content and tries to load new ones at the backend. You can also take any device’s screenshot to prove content display any time you want.

Different personas require different permissions. Use the Content Workflow in OMMA and make sure content creation, approval and publishing processes are under control. Create test sessions on development devices to make sure your content is ready and send it for approval before publish it.

You have devices so far away to touch. Your team is allowed to reach devices with remote debugging and they are able to fix or optimize contents by working specific device. They just need a developer tool on their browser.

You can organize your devices by shop / place module. Content can use shop’s meta data for filtering data source or for another action while playing the content.

You can register them into your account to manage. Label them to organize and make them join to a channel. Manage their local caches and reboot app remotely. Gather a lot of internal information belong to device such as screen resolution,  internal / external IP,  OS type / version, app version, device/shop labels and geolocation  etc. and expose those parameters into your  dynamic content to create localized and global contents.

Assign your device to channels and create your own commercial TV. Devices listen the all events on their channel and sync with them. Channels publish latest approved version of the content. You may also create test channel to publish draft contents and control them before push the content to a regular channel.

Scheduler provides automatic content switching functionality which could be parametric and conditional based on device / shop meta data.

Set timers on your device and keep it under control. Sync device time and date considering devices’ timezone.

Using Device Configuration scheme you can set most of device parameters such as brightness, volume, contrast etc and schedule it by shops / channels / devices / contents. You may create different schemes for indoor / outdoor displays. You may also set scheme for special contents to adjust the display settings for perfect experience.

OMMA has Account management module to create different device domains to manage by different teams. You may have access to related accounts over a membership with single sign-on mechanism.

Customers  can handle their users with different permissions options in line with their own security policy standards. The permission mechanism works with Content Workflow mechanism to guarantee quality standards during publishing lifecycle.

In addition to remote access and debugging functionalities, OMMA also provides a service menu enables service and/or local teams to diagnose (software and hardware health and operation status) and operate offline devices manually. It reduces installation and service costs on field dramatically.

Device – Server connection infrastructure is based on  websocket technology which gives full connectivity to have real-time publishing and interactivity with consumer. Beacon and other similar protocols such as bluetooth and ultraSound could be implemented very fast and add extra value to your business.

You can upgrade your apps remotely without any effort. Apps can detect the new version, download it and relaunch the app with latest content. You may also follow devices upgraded or not directly from Panel.

Remote app update mechanism is also designed with autonomous failure detection feature that checks new version and recovers previous stable version if new one fails.

OMMA is based on Cloud Technology in order to serve full scalable infrastructure with minimum cost to its customers. Companies don’t invest on any system or network hardware and make sure their signage solution is expandable. OMMA can run on AWS and GCE with Kubernetes’ flexibility and performance.

In addition to WebOS, OMMA can run on different OS such as Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS to give you a chance to select your environment. You may use desktop version of OMMA to serve app on more powerful devices for best experience.

Every action is under Control and System keeps and reports in different formats. You can filter the logs device by device and follow them from panel. Furthermore,  Apps are able to send content specific logs in order to analyze content usage.

OMMA is based on different security layers to ensure surveillance of the platform on network, infrastructure, microservices and control panel. The implemented precautions are the followings :

  1. SSL Certificate
  2. 2-way Auth VPN Access
  3. Web Application Firewall for Web Attacks
  4. Application Limiting (API Limiting)
  5. 2-way Authentication on Panel Login Mechanism
  6. Dynamic Auth Tokens for API requests
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