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Product News

November 2019 product update notes

Product News

We have a lot to tell you this November. Exciting news about Windows app, UI design changes, implementations, fixes and more... Let's begin!

OMMA has landed on Windows

You heard that right! Now we are running on Windows devices too. 

This is a big step towards our aim to be THE digital signage software solution for every platform there is. Big applause for our technology and product teams 👏🏼👏🏼

Now, as our customers, SIs, and resellers the ball is on your side.

The content changelog is here!

From now on, you can see the changes made to any content by clicking on the “View changes” button. You can browse retrospectively:

  • Added/deleted items,
  • Display rule,
  • Duration,
  • Code editor changes.

Your all-new profile page…

New profile page for OMMA Sign users.

OMMA Sign users have a profile page now! 

You will notice your name on the bottom left corner when you log in to OMMA Sign Panel. By clicking it, you can visit your profile page or logout from the panel. You can display & update this information from your profile page:

  • Name,
  • Password,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number.

“Publish” button and new functionality on “playlist page”

On the playlist, we renamed the “GO LIVE” button as “PUBLISH”. Clicking this button will now open a confirmation window and it will display channel(s) this content is assigned to.

If the content does not have a channel, you can search and select a channel without having to go to the “Channels” section. You just assign the content to the desired channel on that window.

Major UI improvements on the playlist page

The interface of Playlist Plugin (with Scene Designer) has some polished look now:

  • Items are now listed on white cards.
  • All display rules are explicitly displayed with details on the item. 
  • Buttons are re-designed, and all buttons are displayed when the cursor hovers on it.

Last but not least: Bug fixes

  • Content Detail page performance has increased. Loading items, saving, and publishing are quicker now. 
  • Running videos with audio are now possible on webOS devices. 
  • Offline synchronization problems were fixed. 
  • Datasource saving problem on the panel is fixed.
  • A bug that causes problems using data sources on code editor has been removed.
  • Display Prediction Report interface bug is fixed.
  • Minor improvements and fixes are handled for Scene Designer.