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Product News

December 2019 product update notes

Product News

Welcome to the last product update newsletter of the good old 2019. Again, we have a lot to tell you. Exciting new features, UX improvements, fixes and more... Let's begin!

OMMA app v3.5.0 is here!

This new version includes fixes and improvements for our features on all supported platforms, as well as new incoming features.

So, expect more interactivity, more stability, more consistency in 2020!

New features

1. Content Notifications

Content notification.

As you know, we have different user roles with various permissions. While the editor role needs approval after creating or changing content, the manager role can approve and enable the editor to publish. 

To improve this process, we have implemented a notification service.

Whenever content approval is requested, approved or published; account users will get an email notification regarding the changes & requests. More communication, less bureaucracy.

Please note that content notifications are not turned on by default. You can turn the notifications on and off from the settings in the profile page. 

Take a look at this feature in detail in our Support Page.

2. UHD Video Support in Portrait Mode

Our Flash Transcoder is stronger and more productive now; so it will transcode UHD (4K) portrait videos along with other resolutions.

OMMA Sign now proudly supports 4K portrait videos on 4K portrait devices with full resolution.

3. Scene Fit Modes

Scene fit modes.

As a first step to support “adaptive content”, we have added the Canvas Fit Mode section to Scene Designer. 

And by “adaptive content” we mean this: When the designed scene is published on various devices with different resolutions, it can adapt itself according to the resolution of the display. This way, you don’t need to prepare different versions of the same scene for different resolutions.

With this improvement you have two adapting options:

All inserted elements adapt themselves according to the resolution of different screens, except background images and videos, except background images and videos. That means; an inserted image that covers the whole canvas will always be full screen in the published devices, but if it is added as a background element, there will be black areas on the screen since its original aspect ratio is kept.

Adjust & Center:
Here, the scene is completely resized with all the inserted and background elements while keeping the original aspect ratio. And since the original aspect ratio is preserved, there may be black areas on the screen.

Platform Support

We always work towards supporting new platforms, thus making our unique positioning on the OS-agnostic approach stronger with each update. This release includes many improvements on the subject.

1. Philips (Android)

OMMA proudly and officially supports Philips displays now!

We have been working with Philips smart signage team for a while to fully support their Android version, now it’s here!

2. Windows

We resolved some bugs and fixed some minor issues.
Along with our new app (3.5.0), OMMA now fully and officially supports Windows.

Last but not least: System-wide fixes & improvements

  • Bug fixes regarding time & date display rules
  • Bug fixes regarding Windows support
  • Sidebar menu fixes & improvements
  • Media picker UI/UX improvement
  • New playlist UI improvements
  • Media caching improvements
  • Android blue screen fix