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Product News

August 2019 product update notes

Product News

Welcome to the August product updates note of OMMA Sign. In this update we will cover some updates regarding the Scene Designer, USB Lock, and Account Search... Let's begin!

Scene Designer is here!

Create your own attractive animated scenes from scratch, all by yourself. We provide you a blank canvas with lots of possibilities. You can add visuals and text on the canvas.

You can animate the elements to make the scene more appealing.

When you make a tiny update on your product prices, do not deal with the hassle of requesting and waiting for new visuals from your agency. Just add your changed prices as text on Scene Designer, and update only the text when you need a change.

Also, you can add these prices from a data source. When you change the prices, all you have to do is to update your pricing data. All scenes containing the data source will be updated automatically, in seconds!

Learn more about the Scene Designer here.

Account search

Now you can search by account name when you need to reach an account quickly.

USB lock for webOS devices

For security issues, it is now possible to lock USB connections from the OMMA Panel. To do this navigate to the device page, and click the toggle button to disallow USB connection for your device.