You are not limited to a brand, an operating system, a content format, or a certain number of devices with OMMA.

  • OMMA works with any smart SoC or non-smart device, with any operating system. Just decide on the most convenient one for you and install OMMA app.
  • OMMA offers you a cloud based and innovative infrastructure. It is scalable; you can add as many devices as you want. Besides, no more dealing with server setup and maintenance costs. Plug and play!
  • As well as static contents like videos and images, dynamic HTML5 contents can be published with OMMA easily. You can schedule a program or see the content instantly on the screen as you change it.
  • You can get real-time status information, screenshots and display reports.
  • Your screens always display the latest content, even during internet connectivity problems with our offline support.
  • Run VideoWall contents with smart devices without ANY extra PCs. We made Video Synchronization possible on most of the major smart hardwares with different OSs, without stretching and losing quality!
  • OMMA is hyper-interactive. Program advanced HTML5 contents that smartly interact with your audience. Our platform is compatible with advanced tools of interaction like touch, camera, printers, beacon etc.
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